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PC Freeware is a development company that is focused on developing free software. We have a team that is dedicated to building free and robust applications. We always want to ensure the best experience for our users, so you can enjoy using our software as much as we enjoy developing them. Our team aims to solve problems by providing useful solutions, and that is why we are committed to making the best desktop applications for you.

We at PC Freeware believe in giving our customers the best solutions they can get, so we put a high value on the quality of our products. Our vast expertise, time-tested processes and proven methodology are guaranteed to breathe new life into your user experience. Download free Windows applications

Free Dailymotion Downloader

Free Dailymotion Video Downloader is one of the best dailymotion downloaders on the internet developed by PC Freeware. It is a small yet powerful Dailymotion video downloader with great speed and performance. You can download multiple videos at once with no problem.

  • One of the Best Downloader
  • Multiple downloads supported simultaneously
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows

Facebook Free Video Downloader

Ever wished you could download videos your friends post on Facebook?Want to watch your favorite Facebook video even when you are not connected to the internet?With Pc Freewar's Facebook Free Video Downloader, it takes just few click to download Facebook videos!

  • One of the Best Downloader
  • Multiple downloads supported simultaneously
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows

Free PDF Join

Are a number of pdf documents cluttering your system? Do you have each chapter of your pdf book as separate files and you want to merge them into a single file? PC Freeware's Free PDF Join is an application that can be used to join or concatenate multiple pdf files into one big file. Select the multiple pdf files and join them together into one big pdf document.

Free Dailymotion To MP3

Dailymotion to MP3 is a desktop application for converting Dailymotion to MP3 music files developed by by PC Freeware. It downloads dailymotion video files to your hard drive and after finishing them it converts downloaded files to MP3.

  • One of the Best Dailymotion video to mp3 converter
  • Multiple conversion supported simultaneously
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows

Free Multi Skype Launcher

Usually, Skype only allows you to log in with one account on one computer at the same. But what if you want to log in with two accounts or even more on one PC at the same time? PC Freeware's Free Multi Skype Laucher allows you to use use more than one Skype account on the same computer at the same time.Most importantly, you don't have to be tech-savvy to do it Just. Download and install PC Freeware's Multi Skype Launcher on your computer today.

Free Car Loan Calculator

PC Freeware's Car Loan Calculator is targeting everybody who has to deal with car loan payments. The Car Payment Calculator quickly and easily figures out the monthly payments when financing a new car.

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